Shape your future.

At Royal Roads University, you have the opportunity to achieve your personal and professional goals at any stage of life.

With our flexible admissions, personal approach and real-world relevance in the workplace, we’ve created options to deliver an educational experience that will help you move forward.

  • Life/Career


    Before attending Royal Roads University, Glen was a Senior Manager at the Vancouver Police Department, a Commander of the Canadian Army Reserve, and an Assistant Chief-of-Staff for the Department of National Defence.

    Glen's Story
  • Life Choices


    Prior to attending Royal Roads University, Tyson Knauf was doing well in his career, but felt he lacked the next level of professionalism – and passion – necessary to move his career forward.

    Tyson's Story
  • Career Path


    Originally from Australia, Jason Pascoe realized some of his previous qualifications weren’t recognized in Canada, so he knew he would have to go to school. What he didn’t know was that a “step back” would turn into a new, more meaningful path.

    Jason's Story
  • Balance


    Noemie Bessette was a marketing professional, looking for something deeper; another task that would challenge her personally, as well as professionally.

    Noemie's Story

Wherever you are in life, our diverse degree programs and individual courses have been designed to help you move forward.


Whether you want to continue your education, make new connections or take your career to the next level, our unique program offering can help you shape your future.

  • Business

    Created by industry experts and instructors with real-world experience in management and industry, our leading-edge business programs are designed for experienced and aspiring professionals, giving you the tools and knowledge to make a difference in your current organization or find the skills and confidence to start your own.

    What to expect:
    • Gain relevant, real-world knowledge you can apply immediately
    • Become a successful entrepreneur and effective leader
    • Choose from Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees and Certificates

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  • Communication & Culture

    Learn fundamental concepts, processes and techniques in communication; examine language, media, culture and technology; and develop the skills to effectively communicate in complex international circumstances. Our variety of programs will ready you for a career in our increasingly diversified and globalized world. 

    What to expect:
    • Explore communication theory and hone industry and academic writing skills
    • Study public affairs, advocacy, social marketing and media relations in a global context
    • Prepare for work in international and multicultural organizations
    • Choose from Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Degrees and Certificates

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  • Education & Technology

    Here, you will learn effective, relevant information and skills to bring to your educational setting and immediately apply to your real-world environment. With our programs, you’ll create meaning for those you lead, and you will discover practical tools and strategies that support student achievement as well as your own professional growth.

    What to expect:
    • Focus on transferrable knowledge, learning and leadership
    • Learn and develop methods to address issues and resolve challenges
    • Create and sustain an inclusive climate and culture
    • Choose from Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Degrees and Diplomas

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  • Environment & Sustainability

    Our contemporary Environment & Sustainability programs will help you develop opportunities in any landscape, and see your world differently. At Royal Roads, you’ll learn to understand the social, cultural, political, and economic elements of environmental health, and identify effective strategies to overcome the challenges of moving to a sustainable society. 

    What to expect:
    • Focus on current needs and trends of sustainable societies, communities and organizations
    • Learn tools to bring collaboration, dialogue, environmental protection and resource stewardship to your environment
    • Tap into the resources needed to facilitate change and ensure a sustainable future
    • Choose from Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

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  • Executive Education

    As a leader in your industry, our programs will offer you opportunities to improve your skills and impact, and develop effective planning tools and techniques for the future. Through leading-edge instruction taught by industry specialists, you’ll learn contemporary processes and methodologies to make change in your industry and gain the accreditation you need to move your career forward.

    What to expect:
    • Learn effective strategies for driving business results as well as personal and
professional goals
    • Expand your knowledge, skills and expertise in your industry
    • Benefit from innovative program structures that allow for flexibility and accessibility
    • Choose from numerous Graduate Certificates

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  • General Studies

    This is an option for students who are interested in taking one or two credit-based courses without seeking a credential. Successfully completed General Studies courses may also be eligible for transfer toward a certificate, diploma or degree.

    What to expect:
    • Enhance your knowledge, skills and expertise in an industry of your interest
    • Develop a new outlook that is professionally and personally fulfilling
    • Expand your network of like-minded peers and industry professionals
    • Choose from Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

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  • Humanitarian Studies

    The School of Humanitarian Studies is where leaders, thinkers, and doers develop the skills to create positive change both locally and globally. Our programs are based on real-world experience with input from industry experts, and we teach relevant skills and strategies to help put your passion into action.

    What to expect:
    • Learn how to become a leader in supporting communities at risk
    • Advance your skills in humanitarian assistance, social reconstruction and peacebuilding
    • Benefit from unique problem-focused programs and learn to understand and resolve complex social issues
    • Choose from Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Degrees and Diplomas

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  • Interdisciplinary Studies

    Our Interdisciplinary programs allow you to combine Royal Roads courses with credits earned at other institutions, while providing flexible scheduling options that give you the opportunity to enroll in classes from a variety of different faculties. With the guidance of interdisciplinary scholars, you can build a comprehensive degree unique to your educational goals.

    What to expect:
    • Combine online learning with optional short-term on-campus residencies
    • Take your pick from course-based work, theses, or major projects
    • Choose from Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Degrees

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  • Leadership Studies

    Grounded in a real understanding of the nature of today’s organizations, our programs will enhance your awareness of current theories, teach you relevant best practices, and help you find the tools you need to create an environment of success for people and the planet, while balancing the bottom line of your organization.

    What to expect:
    • Focus on relevant, real-world problem-solving projects
    • Improve your confidence and leadership abilities
    • Become a globally-minded professional and business leader
    • Choose from Graduate and Doctoral Degrees and Certificates

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  • Professional & Continuing Studies

    Whether you are looking for personal growth, a professional skillset, or embarking on a new endeavor, our courses provide relevant and concise learning opportunities for every aspect of your life. With over 210 individual courses, evening talks, and certificate programs led by expert facilitators in a local setting, you can create your own path.

    What to expect:
    • Executive retreats and academic support
    • Enhance your knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of your choice
    • Expand your network of peers and industry professionals
    • Choose from a variety of flexible and relevant programming

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  • Tourism & Hospitality

    In collaboration with industry experts, our leading-edge programs bring together current and future industry leaders in hospitality, tourism, destination development and sustainable tourism development—giving you the strategic vision and skills to address workplace challenges across these global industries.

    What to expect:
    • Build and sustain a competitive advantage in the global tourism market
    • Benefit from timely and relevant content designed by leaders in the industry
    • Gain skills in tourism destination development, sustainability and hospitality management
    • Choose from Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

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