Shape your future, like Dominique did.

At Royal Roads University, graduates like Dominique leave with the skills they need to take their career, and life, forward. At every stage of life, the experiences our alumni have here are those they take everywhere, putting their leading-edge learning and lifelong connections to work, shaping their future and the world around us.

To watch Dominique’s full story, follow the link below, and discover how we can help shape your future.

  • Real Questions. Real Answers.

    Watch Dominique’s full story, including how she overcame the struggle of being a new mom, and a new student.

  • Real Questions. Real Answers.

    Watch Kash’s full story, including how his classmates became colleagues, friends, and now family.

  • Real Questions. Real Answers.

    Watch Steve’s full story, including how he managed to double his salary after graduation (yes, really).

  • Real Questions. Real Answers.

    Watch Marianne's full story, including why she thinks there's never a right - or wrong - time to go back to school.

Wherever you are in life, our diverse degree programs and individual courses have been designed to help you move forward.

Areas of Study

Whether you want to continue your education, make new connections or take your career to the next level, our unique program offering can help you shape your future.


Leading-edge business programs designed for experienced and aspiring professionals.

Communication & Culture

Prepare for a career in international and multicultural organizations, relevant to our increasingly globalized world.

Education & Technology

Learn and develop skills and tools that support student achievement as well as your own professional growth.

Environment & Sustainability

Contemporary programs that help you identify and develop effective strategies to overcome the challenges of moving to a sustainable society.

Executive Education

Taught by industry specialists, programs for improving your skills and impact as a leader, and to move your career forward.

General Studies

An option for students who are interested in taking one or two credit-based courses without seeking a credential.

Humanitarian Studies

Programs based on real-world experience with input from industry experts to help you create positive change, locally and globally.

Interdisciplinary Studies

With guidance from interdisciplinary scholars, combine RRU courses with credits earned at other institutions to build a comprehensive degree.

Leadership Studies

Programs to teach you relevant best practices, current theories, and equip you with tools needed to build success and balance bottom lines.

Professional & Continuing Studies

Over 200 individual courses, evening talks, and certificate programs led by expert facilitators in a local setting, so you can create your own path.

Tourism & Hospitality

Leading-edge programs bring together current and future industry leaders in hospitality, tourism, destination development and sustainable tourism development.

The Power of Our Numbers

Students who are working professionals

Programs offered on campus, online & blended

Alumni from 60 countries

Average age of grad students

Student-to-faculty ratio